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“Sawan stands head and shoulders above other recruiters. He takes the time to understand what the hiring manager is looking for in candidates, as well as what his candidates want out of prospective employers, and then pairs them up beautifully. Sawan presented only a handful of candidates, all exceeding my expectations, which made it a worthy challenge to find the right one for our team. This is so valuable in a time where it feels like recruiters often just match keywords on CV's with job postings. I look forward to working with Sawan again and again as our teams grow.”

Kenneth Kalmer

“I tend not to deal with Recruiters, I have found from past experiences that it was best to avoid them or be swapped in positions unrelated to my skillset. Dealing with Sawan was a breath of fresh air, he found a number of positions that were immediately of interest to me and stayed with me during the entire process. He didn't focus on pushing the highest salary, but instead the position that I was the most interested in. He coached me where he could, gave me as much advise and background as possible and was genial and pleasant to talk with. I could not recommend him enough, and if I am ever looking for another position, he will be the first person I call.”

Paul Whitehead

“My sincerest thanks to Sawan for helping me to land a fantastic opportunity. Sawan was recommended by a close friend and didn't disappoint. He was incredibly proactive, straight-talking and supportive throughout the recruitment process. It is apparent he truly cares about his clients and is well connected within the industry. I can't recommend him enough!”

Marcus O’Mara

“I really enjoyed working with Sawan. He found me a great Clojure role, and helped me throughout the interview process. Sawan is polite, professional and communicates very clearly. Thanks Sawan!”

Dave Martin

“Sawan was an excellent recruiter to work with. He kept in regular contact, with updates on available companies, feedback on interviews, and was always very proactive in his approach, as well as providing useful tips for job applications. Would definitely recommend to others!”

Thomas Brook

“Sawan is a pleasure to work with, he kept me frequently updated throughout the recruitment process and was incredibly responsive. He took the time to explain what each stage of the process would look like and followed up extremely swiftly after all interviews. Would recommend to anyone!”

Abi Collopy

“Top bloke here, Sawan found me a role when I didn't think I was actually looking for one. And somehow he introduced me to a great team/company, a really good match and a project that will keep me busy for a while. It's a high five from me. He's like Tinder Gold on Linkedin.”

Jorge Costa

“Sawan is a pleasure to work with, he understands your needs by listening and smoothing the recruitment process as much as possible. Which makes the whole experience as stress free as it can be.”

Luiz Mota

“Sawan is by far the best recruiter I have worked with, he is always constantly communicating with you, unlike some other recruiters I have worked with. He is also very quick to act on pushing the process along. I would highly recommend!”

Robson Peacock

“Sawan is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s a great communicator and very efficient. He found a role that aligned perfectly with my skills and interests, and moved the process along very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Oj Nwokolo

“I've been working with Sawan for a few months and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the calibre of candidates he finds. He takes the time to understand the role and only presents candidates that actually match the brief AND are interested. I'd recommend working with him.”

Adam Bolton

“Sawan is absolutely fantastic to work with, very understanding and on top of the whole process. He is constantly communicating what's going on and very transparent. Could not recommend him more.”

Andrew Glazier

“Sawan is a pleasure to work with - he's diligent, responsive and genuinely cares about finding the right fit for candidate and company.”

Greg Lloyd

“Sawan was a great recruiter to work with and found me a great role. Kept me constantly updated, had regular check ins without feeling pushy, and always felt like he was doing the best thing for me. Would definitely recommend Sawan to anyone looking for a role or looking to fill one.”

Dwain Faithfull

“Sawan is one of the best recruiter i had the pleasure to deal with. He has a very good understanding of the sector and knows how to match candidates with the right opportunities. Unlike most recruiters, he takes his relationships with clients seriously and makes sure to follow up regularly at any stage of the process. He helped me to secure a job in a short span of time and worked hard to make sure that everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend anybody looking for a job to get in touch with him.”

Francesco Papini

“Sawan is a great recruiter. He puts a lot of time and effort in when working with potential candidates and interacts on a personal level. He's not a recruiter that just works on numbers and walks away when there isn't a commission payment in it for him. Would highly recommend for anyone in the DevOps field.”

Chris Gillespie

“Sawan found an ideal position for me when I was job seeking. He moved the interview and admin process along really quickly, contacting all relevant parties regularly for updates and reduced potential delays. Sawan is ready to help or offer advice for any question, no matter how small. He has a relaxed and friendly manner and it has been a pleasure getting to know him.”

Lewis Lees

“Worked with Sawan over a two week period as he assisted me securing a position. He was professional and helpful throughout, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future. Cheers Sawan!”

Paul Harker

“Sawan helped me fill some Ruby developer roles that I had recently. He sent through a lot of good candidates, more than most other recruiters I worked with. He's always on top of things, great to communicate with, and always responds to emails/phone calls instantly. Great to work with!”

Heidar Bernhardsson

“Sawan was great at understanding my needs. He didn’t push roles that I wasn’t interested in. His communication is excellent. Thanks to Sawan I have been placed in a great company where I am able to grow, learn and add value. If I need to look for another role in the future Sawan will be my first call.”

Andrien Ricketts

“Had an incredible experience with Sawan, he gave me confidence to move forward and found me a great job opportunity. He was always close every step of the way providing the best support throughout the process. Highly recommend to others.”

Victor Martins

“Sawan represented me on my job search in 2020 and helped secure a Tech Lead offer. He is extremely diligent, patient and personable. Sawan took the trouble to fully understand my requirements, and made me feel valued as a candidate. He made the time for interview preparation and timely feedback. I would recommend Sawan for any candidate / employer looking for a professional recruiter.”

Daniel Garland

“Sawan represented me with clarity and professionalism. He provided an excellent level of guidance though the interview stages and provided me with the tools to show my best self and secure the job. I would recommend Sawan to anyone. Thanks Sawan!”

Matthew Mofrad

“It was great to work with Sawan. The role he found for me is a perfect match for my interests. I was well informed throughout the interview and onboarding process. Sawan took the time to explain every detail. If you are looking for humane communication and an honest recruiter, I highly recommend you to work with Sawan.”


“Sawan has represented me for 2 roles and I couldn't be happier with the professional way he approached the process for each. He provides great detail regarding the role itself and the culture within the team to ensure it is a great fit for both parties. Very respondent and fast to act on any new developments throughout the process to finally getting the role. Regular calls are provided to keep you up to date with everything and to speed up the process. Sawan is a pleasure to deal with and he goes to great lengths to find you a role that suits. You may not always get the job that you apply for but that is life unfortunately, Sawan understands this and is extremely diligent in searching for another that may be of interest to you. This I have found to be a real rarity as all to often with recruiters, they only have 1 role on offer. This is certainly not the case with Sawan. He is very persistent in finding you your dream job and this in my opinion is what makes him a fantastic recruiter to work with.”

Ben Fowl

“Good, ethical recruiters can be hard to find. So I'm really glad I worked with Sawan for my job hunt. He was mindful of what I was looking for and found me exactly the kind of companies and roles for interviews as I had asked for. I've now found a job through Sawan at a company that I'm super excited about and I know this wouldn't have happened without his help. If I'm ever in the market for a new job, he'll be my first port of call. Thanks Sawan!”


“I had been in my previous post for 14 years and was really worried about trying to find a new job. Sawan was recommended to my by a friend and I'm so glad she did. Sawan listened to my worries about my current situation. Helped me gain confidence to start the interview process with a few firms, but always checking with me to make sure that I was interviewing for the right posts and not just any job. He followed up after all the interviews for posts that I didn't get (remember I was 14 years rusty and needed all the help I could get to get back into "Interviewing Right") getting me very useful feedback that I could use to improve for my next interview. When I start looking for my next step I will defo come back to Sawan before I visit any websites.”

Chris Chamberlain

“Sawan is one of the few really good recruiters who not only has a good pulse on the market but is also interested in placing smart people in decent roles. When ever I’m on the market, Sawan is one of the first people I reach out to.”

Yomi Colledge

“Sawan has been amazing throughout the whole recruitment process! Very professional and dedicated, he Kept me updated and in the loop without me having to chase him. He considers your interest as His own, and follow up after the process has ended, would definitely recommend.”

Mark Jad

“Working with Sawan hasn't only let to the anticipated goal of landing myself a great job but was a pleasant experience along the way, too. He's one of the very few recruiters I've met so far, who really listen, understand the industry with its jargon and quirks, and are more interested in finding you a good fit than simply maximising their commission. He guided me every step of the way, providing me with timely information before each interview to help me prepare, and made sure to check in with me after the interviews as well. I never had to chase him for any information, even in the rare cases I had questions he couldn't answer straight away he made sure to talk to the people who had the answers as soon as possible and report back to me. All in all, working with Sawan was a pleasure and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Lucas Mbiwe

“As a candidate, I must say that all the job opportunities Sawan forwarded to me were cherry-picked and based on my previous experience. Unlike many other recruiters, he doesn't just flood you with jobs, hoping you somehow get hired. His business model is stellar and the fact that he specialises in a specific tech stack, really brings the service to another level. On top of that, he helped me do better at the soft interviews by giving me pointers about what to prepare in advance. Thank you, Sawan!”

Zdravko Evstatiev

“Looking for your next role can be stressful, especially if you're short on time. Sawan was really helpful and supporting throughout the recruitment process and definitely allowed me to focus on my interviews without worrying too much of what was happening all around. Confidently on top of things, he was very quick at communicating feedback, reminding me of upcoming interviews and chasing companies on my behalf. It really felt like I was the only one he was representing for the amount of time he spent to support my job search, though I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case!”

Mattia Giuffrida

“Sawan is truly an exceptional recruiter. He is professional, efficient and friendly. Even after placing me in a role, he was awesome at keeping communication open, and checking that everything is still going smoothly.”

Oleg Surogin

“Sawan shows a level of technical understanding when it comes to software that is not so common to see among recruiters. Even in his initial interview, he goes beyond surface-level topics and gives you valuable feedback on how to improve. Great professional.”

Caio Graco

“Sawan went the extra mile to ensure that my placement is a good fit for both the company and myself which is a rare quality as nobody's time would be wasted. Also, his friendliness and calm attitude made the whole process stress free and smooth.”

Behrooz Shabani

“Sawan knows his stuff. He understands his clients' and his candidates' needs very clearly and is extremely efficient with his time. Sawan put me through two opportunities in the last 12 months. During my first application that he helped arrange I reached the final interview stage. The second opportunity I got through him was successful and I'm very happy with the company I'm working with. Sawan leverages his extensive network and strong people skills to make things happen very smoothly and keeps good contact with candidates throughout the whole process. Whilst he does not have a tech background himself, he understands the landscape pretty well as far as matching employers with candidates. Other recruiters would do well to use him as a role model. Big note to candidates who have changed careers and/or attended a bootcamp and don't have a CS degree etc...., that's me! And Sawan played a huge part in helping me make the leap between bootcamp and junior software engineer. Thank you Sawan for all your help.”

John El Basha

“I've had the pleasure of finding two placements via Sawan and working alongside him to find candidates to scale up a team. He brings the human element to recruitment and is more than happy to give advice on increasing visibility in the job market even if this increases the possibility of a placement elsewhere. Sawan is always my first point of contact when I begin my job search. He's down to earth, tries to find a role which suites you, and will always keep the relationship professional without trying to extract irrelevant information or over selling roles which aren't of interest. I can't recommend Sawan highly enough.”

Tomos Rees

“Sawan was supportive and active all through the process. He took the time to listen and understand what I was looking for from a role, and was great at getting back to any queries I had during the process. Happy to recommend him.”

David Thompson

“I'm grateful to have met Sawan, he has been a great pleasure to interact with. I don't think you can go wrong with someone who really cares about you and understands your motivations and current circumstances. He is very active and supportive without being pushy or leading you to roles you are not interested in and that is very important to me. Great communication, definitely my go to person if I ever need again. Thank you!”

David Silva

“I have had the pleasure to work with Sawan, who has displayed a level of concern and interest in my personal circumstances; you don't see that very often in the recruiting industry. Recognising my strengths, I was matched with a number of opportunities that values my key traits. It is something other recruiters do not think about enough. I'm looking forward to continuing a good working relationship with him for years to come.”

Mike Min Han

“I was lucky to work with Sawan when searching for my most recent role. He took the time to understand both my motivations and my strengths, and was available to answer questions throughout the application process. My new employer also speaks highly of him - and it's rare to find a recruiter who is equally supportive of candidates and employers. I look forward to working with him again, and am very happy to recommend him.”

Lorna Noble

“I had tried many recruiters when I was ready to change jobs, and none really understood what I was looking for, so I gave up and started just looking for companies myself. Then came Sawan, as soon as I had my first call with him I knew right away he was the one for the job, rather than just sending job postings my way he took the time to listen to what I wanted. At every stage of the interview he was engaged and involved, giving me tips and insights to be more informed and prepared. When I got the offer, very late in the day, he was there to talk me through my options. During my notice period, he periodically checked in to see if I had any questions or if I needed anything. Which was greatly appreciated as this was a big job change for me. Even after starting the job he made sure I had everything I needed. If you are reading this and trying to decide if you should get involved with Sawan, stop now and message him! I promise you are in good hands.”

Denis Sellu

“If you are approached by Sawan, don't just think he is like the other recruiters. Cause he is not. He is very good listener and tries to make sure that understanding goes both ways. You will get all the information you need about a job beforehand and in totally open way, without any small-letter footnotes. Moreover, while I have been following his posts, he seems to have some very good positions for Ruby/Ruby on Rails engineers (and not only). Sawan helped me find the job I have been looking to find for quite a long time now.”

Panos Mansionpoulos

“Last autumn, when I was looking for a new role, Sawan came through with several options and helped to set me up with the one I'm still in. He has a great network of companies and candidates, expertly matching each to each to arrange a mutually beneficial situation. I can say that Sawan knows the needs and capabilities of the job-seekers, and also the open positions in each company that will suit. I would certainly seek out Sawan when I'm looking for my next step 10/10.”

Mark Dobbins

“Sawan is the only recruiter that I’ve felt actually cared about me and my success, rather than just being a number to call and finding any position to fill. He listened to my requirements and didn’t bombard me with jobs that weren’t a fit. Sawan followed up and kept in touch, even when his job was done. If I was looking for job, Sawan would be my first call. ”

Craig Petterson

“I have used Sawan as a recruiter to find some great candidates to build my team so when I was looking for a new challenge I was sure he would have the right contacts and I he would understand my needs. With a good selection of roles in the areas I was interested in, it wasn't long before we fount a good fit. His communication, understanding and personal approach sets him above any other recruiter I have used. He's a great guy to work with and if I ever need to again, as an employer or a candidate, I will definitely go back to Sawan. ”

Colin Currie

“I'd highly recommend Sawan as a recruiter, he was genuinely interested in what I wanted to get out of my next job and listened to my needs and concerns around my next role. I was originally very pleased with the manner in which he reached out to me, and found him to be very engaged and available to me when I was ready to start looking for work. He was open and honest about the positions available and made well educated recommendations to me, which made me finding my next role far easier than it would have been otherwise.”

Karen Fielding

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